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How IT Recovery and the Cloud is Helping During the Pandemic, Bruce Shibuya Explains

Bruce Shibuya Explains Why Businesses Need to Embrace the Cloud technologies During the COVID Pandemic and Beyond

“We can’t work from home. It can’t be done.” Such phrases were uttered with frequency at the beginning of the pandemic. Beginning in March, 2020 many companies made the important decision to close their offices to minimize employees’ exposure. The goal was to prevent employees from coming into close contact with one another in an attempt to slow the curve. Bruce Shibuya, the former Chief Operating Officer at Quanergy, explores how various tools have been used to help businesses thrive in the pandemic.

With office buildings closed to employees, companies have had to figure out a way to remain operational. The cloud has made it possible, Bruce Shibuya explains.

Bruce Shibuya has made it his career to use the best IT technologies to get the job done. This includes looking at operational efficiency while also looking to reduce costs. He has found that making adjustments to an IT network can have a dramatic impact.

IT recovery ensures that employees have access to what they need no matter what may happen at any time. If something happens within the office building, all of their hard work is still kept safe. Whether there is a fire or natural disaster, a server overheats, or an employee hits the wrong button, information is safeguarded. IT recovery, as Bruce Shibuya explains, should be automated.

Bruce Shibuya

Further, IT recovery methods should be stored offsite. This has helped particularly through the pandemic since most employees are not going into an office. It ensures that businesses remain operational and efficient by being able to access all of their data – and without having to go into the office to recover anything that may have been lost.

When employees are working from home, it involves everyone accessing the server. It prevents anyone from having to go into the office to download a document. The cloud enables everyone to access their systems and their data. With the right tools, it can also make it easier for employees to collaborate with the different departments – all without having to see one another.

Bruce Shibuya explains that it’s possible to use the cloud as a way to stay operational regardless of industry. He has shown how better IT networks can improve supply chains, engineering firms, manufacturing plants, and more. He has also shown how predictive analytics can offer more comprehensive solutions, especially when companies need help with the day to day decisions that they make.

Although the pandemic has had to change the way that businesses operate, Bruce Shibuya points out that using IT recovery and cloud services can make it easier. Employees can work more productively from home because of not being interrupted by coworkers. Since everyone has access to the cloud, it ensures that business continues as usual.

Bruce Shibuya continues to take a hands-on approach with IT solutions. He urges every business to look at the cloud so that it can survive the pandemic.

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