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Engineering Management Tips Shared by Bruce K. Shibuya

Bruce K. Shibuya Shares Tips to Help Engineers with Management and Quality Skills and Mindset

Engineering management is a component that is often taken for granted. Engineers and quality control specialists often focus on the task at hand as opposed to the big picture. Bruce K. Shibuya, the Chief Operations Officer at Quanergy, focuses on engineering management – and offers tips to help others.

Bruce K. Shibuya, who has been in the industry for decades with a track record for accomplishing quality and reliability, explains that one of the most important things to help with engineering management is to keep up with industry technologies and methodologies. As Bruce Shibuya suggests, there is MFG4, which focuses on manufacturing as well as the methods that are trending. The annual conference spans several days with countless events to provide support.

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Bruce K. Shibuya acknowledges that there is a significant amount of technology that can be used. This can help engineers and quality control specialists to get the support that they need. It can automate a number of tasks and boost productivity.

Further, Bruce K. Shibuya recommends that teams identify some of the biggest problems that they have. It can make it easier to compare those to other challenges in the industry. When there are collaborative events and seminars, teams should discuss their challenges. It can be a way to learn how others have overcome the problems and even adapted to the challenges.

Bruce K. Shibuya has presented at a number of global engineering and manufacturing seminars. He finds that continuing education is critical as it can help with not only networking but also learning about some of the trending technologies that can support engineering management. The networking receptions can make it easier to make key connections within the industry, particularly when just starting out.

Bruce K. Shibuya has covered some of the biggest issues with engineering management – stringent regulations, long lifecycles, and a failure to invest in technology. There are ways to overcome every issue, though many fail to ever identify the issue.

Bruce K. Shibuya has made a career out of manufacturing and quality engineering. He has worked with Hyundai and Toyota to help with their new product launches successfully. With a degree in Technical Engineering from National University, he is dedicated to his career and helping others seek accomplishments within their fields. Bruce Shibuya continues to be a voice in quality. By using predictive analytics and quality applications, he believes more people can put an emphasis on engineering management.

Ultimately, Bruce Shibuya believes that anyone can succeed and improve their engineering management skills when they educate themselves and stay up on the latest trends. He recommends that people focus on building the right team around them and to attend seminars in order to learn and network with others in their field.

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