Bruce Shibuya

Bruce Shibuya Explains How the Supply Chain is Evolving in the Pandemic

Many Companies are Changing the Way They Operate, According to Bruce Shibuya

The pandemic has closed factories, slowed shipping, and caused companies to re-evaluate everything. Bruce Shibuya, the previous Chief Operations Officer at Quanergy, maintains a proven track record of working in supply chain operations. He takes a close look at what companies are dealing with in regard to their supply chains.

Bruce Shibuya recommends that everyone reviews what their supply chain looks like so they can see how they’re going to deal with it. In some instances, suppliers are not generating any new products. It can lead to running out of inventory or the means to produce based on getting certain parts. When this happens, Bruce Shibuya suggests that companies look at either finding another supplier capable of producing or to take production into their own hands.

Another recommendation that Bruce Shibuya has is to look at the middle-men. Companies across the globe are struggling to keep their supply chains moving. The middle-men include all of the shipping companies, ranging from FedEx to USPS to other companies. Many of these are overwhelmed, which leads to longer shipping times.

With the pandemic still going on, there are fewer employees working to do the picking in the warehouses. There are also added measures to sanitize and disinfect before packages leave the warehouses. As such, shipping times are delayed even further. It’s why there are so many companies identifying that shipments can take eight weeks – and some companies are even saying as many as 24 weeks.

Bruce Shibuya

Bruce Shibuya explains that many major companies have had their supply chains affected. Whether parts or products are simply no longer available or it is taking longer to get their products in front of customers, there is an impact.

Bruce Shibuya explains the importance of identifying how the supply chain is going to impact customers. Too often, customers are in the dark as to what’s going on and how it will affect them. Communication is key, Bruce Shibuya says. It involves posting shipping warnings on the website, sending out an email to customers and clients to explain the details.

Additionally, there’s a growing trend to bring things closer, Bruce Shibuya acknowledges. Many U.S. based companies don’t want to depend on China anymore. Although many factories are starting to open up, many others are still closed. Since there’s no end in sight for regaining normalcy from the pandemic, U.S. companies are exploring new options – including having U.S. companies produce the items. It’s leading to a new boom in U.S. manufacturing, which can also help the economy.

Bruce Shibuya explains that there are still a lot of unknown factors regarding the pandemic. However, companies are learning that they need to understand their supply chain in order to improve their operations. It’s allowing more companies to get involved and figure out how they can streamline in order to provide the best possible experience for their customers.

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